Christmas Eve 2012

Merry Christmas from me and my blue-eyed hubby! (Yes, that is his real eye color, and yes, I get to stare at them everyday.)

We were blessed with safe travels and lots of sweet time with family on Christmas Eve. Sometimes the holidays can be draining because of all the traveling, but I feel like this year was less hectic (probably because we had two fewer Christmases to attend than usual--one due to a time conflict and the other will be rescheduled for a future date because my wonderful MIL was in the hospital).

Sister, sister

Me and Gran

A dear friend from graduate school who is from the Congo was supposed to join us, but winter weather trampled his flight plans. The service at church was beautiful, and I got to see a close friend from high school that is expecting her first baby. I may or may not cry every time I see her because there is just something emotional about seeing your best childhood friend pregnant with a child of her own! How did we get old enough to have babies?! In any case, she looks wonderful.

Me and Chelsey (with baby Brynnley)

I hope you all had a joyous Christmas Eve!


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