The Wardrobe Experiment

What is the wardrobe experiment?
The wardrobe experiment developed as I was cleaning out my closet for the second time in the summer of 2013. I was finally able to let go of items from high school and undergrad that just didn't fit my style anymore, but I realized that I still wasn't wearing half of the items in my closet. 

I call these the "someday" items. "Someday" items are things that I might wear someday. I don't want to wear them today, mind you, but someday, sure, maybe someday I will want to wear them (you know, if someone stole everything else I own--that "someday").

Most of my "someday" items fall into two categories: items that I shy away from because I don't know how to style them, and items that I just don't love anymore. I decided to challenge myself to actually wear my "someday" items, and I will finally donate the "somedays" that don't make the cut. 

The rules:
1. All hangers are currently hung backwards; after I wear something, it's hanger will be hung correctly. This will make it easy to tell which items have been worn and which have not.
2. Anything that doesn't get worn over the next year will be donated (exceptions are special occasion dresses and interview suits).
3. I am going to avoid buying anything new, but I'm not going to promise I won't buy a few items here and there (for example I am currently searching for one more great pair of jeans), but I want to use what I already have as much as possible. I will get rid of at least one old item for every new item I buy.
4. I will try to style what I have in new ways and challenge myself to wear the items that I usually avoid yet refuse to let go of. If I really think I could wear it someday, I need to prove it.
5. If I wear something that is uncomfortable or that makes me feel unattractive, I will donate it. If I was being  completely honest with myself, I would probably only repurchase about 1/3 of the clothes in my closet if they were for sale in a store today. Why hold on to something that doesn't make you feel good about yourself or that you wouldn't even purchase again given the chance?

You can read my full post on the wardrobe experiment here

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