Welcome 2013!

*New Year printable courtesy of My Fabulous Life*

We spent New Year's Eve with friends from medical school, and it was a great, low-key time! We ate a yummy dinner then went to their house where we ate dessert, chatted, watched TV, and played Phase 10.  

I wore a new earring and necklace set from The Limited to NYE, and I know they are pieces that I will wear often. I received the necklace for Christmas and it was purchased for 50% off, but it's now on clearance so you can score it for just $9.99. Sadly the earrings are no longer available. 

We slept in today (being on break has killed our routine!), but I did cook a healthy breakfast. It's time to get back on track because we are going on a cruise for Spring Break with Zach's mom, dad, sister, and brother in law. It was a big surprise to find out about this wonderful Christmas gift--the cruise confirmation receipt was tucked in the toes of our stockings.

I have several goals for 2013; I want to live a life that has meaning and focus on setting priorities. This summer we had an unforgettable dinner on a rooftop in Rome…

…beautiful, right? A new friend (on the far right) told us that she picks a word to focus on each year instead of making new year's resolutions. I love this idea and have decided that my word for 2013 is relationships. As a natural introvert, relationships are difficult for me, but I am committed to putting myself out there and building relationships this year. 

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