The Wardrobe Experiment: Day 1

I was running late for church this morning, so I only had about 3 minutes to choose an outfit and get dressed. By default, I wanted to grab something that I knew wouldn't look like a total disaster, but I also wanted the first day of my wardrobe experiment to be a challenge. After all, the point is to see if I can actually wear  the collection of "someday" items hanging in my closet. I grabbed this dress because church is one of the few places I feel comfortable in skirts/dresses. I rarely wear them to work because I am so cold natured, plus they aren't very practical for bending down at students' desks. The last (and only) time I wore this dress was in July 2010 at a baby shower for my soon-to-be-born nephew: 

Pictured with my sister, 9 months pregnant with Ryan, and my niece, Paige
Why I kept it:
I actually made this dress, and it's difficult to get rid of something you spent time making. I also really love this Amy Butler fabric, but I could always rip out the seams and use the fabric for something else.
Why I stopped wearing it:
Spaghetti straps aren't something I like to wear, and I was always self-counscious that it looked "homemade."
How I styled it:
To cover up the spaghetti straps that made me uncomfortable, I knotted a simple chambray shirt and wore it over the dress.
How I felt:
I worried that it looked like I was trying to dress too young. Zach even said, "You look like you are in high school," but he meant it as a compliment :)
The verdict:
I don't have a lot of dresses, and I think this looked pretty cute, so it will stay for now.

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