The Wardrobe Experiment: Day 2

Oh, the joys of summer break--I can stay in shorts and a t-shirt on most days! But I did have a reason to choose an actual outfit today because we hosted a cookout for the third and fourth year medical students. I was leaning toward wearing shorts and a top, but my seven year old niece is staying with us for a few days and she wanted to wear this adorable maxi dress:
She also wanted our outfits to coordinate. Enter this maxi dress that I last wore for Easter 2012 (also the only previous time I wore it).
Why I kept it:
I love the patterns and colors in this dress. I would also feel wasteful getting rid of a dress that I'd only worn once. 
Why I stopped wearing it:
The halter neckline makes this impractical for my everyday wardrobe.
How I styled it:
This dress makes a pretty bold statement, so I didn't add much to it. I did put on some gold bracelets and earrings with a bohemian hairstyle that echoes the "free spirit" style of the dress. 
How I felt:
I thought I would be extremely overdressed for the cookout, but it actually wasn't too much. It was also stifling outside, so the dress allowed me to stay as cool as possible. 
The verdict:
This dress will stay in my wardrobe. The prints/colors are still stylish, and for the right occasion, it's a good piece to have.

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