Unintentionally MIA: A Catch Up

Unintentionally MIA ß that’s me. Here’s the catch up:
Friday I drove straight from work to Little Rock, a nice 3 hour drive (2 hours is my usual max by myself…not a fan). By the time I arrived, I was in no mood for pictures, and that morning I had thrown on a black t-shirt, jeans, and leopard scarf. It was okay, but nothing special.
I soon realized that in my hurry to hit the road, I left all my shirts at home. I mainly lounged around while Zach was doing rounds on Saturday then we watched the Razorback game at the house, so I didn’t really need to get dressed up. On Sunday I again waited while he did rounds, then we worked on residency applications before I drove home.
Maybe it was because I went three days without caring much about how I looked. Maybe it’s because I just needed a break from caring. Either way, I just wasn’t feeling very into fashion on Monday or Tuesday. Plus, I spent most of Monday and Tuesday pulling together a very short notice field trip for one of my classes…
Between filling out P.O. orders, vouchers, rushing checks, getting a bus, and sending out permission forms in a 24 hour window, I’ve felt like I had a hummingbird for a heart. Doing things at the last minute is not my style, but I wanted to make this opportunity happen for my students.
I arrived an hour early to school this morning to make sure everything was ready for my substitute, etc. and realized 15 minutes before we were supposed to leave that I forgot the check for our registration fees at my house. I couldn’t use a personal check (not that I had one on me of course), so I had to go get it. I made it back with 3 minutes to spare, but it wasn’t exactly the smooth start I had hoped for today.
The upside to all of this--the clinic was fantastic. We learned so much and I almost took more notes in one day than I took in graduate school! I’ll try to get back to posting OOTD pictures soon!

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