DIY Boot Socks

Emily from The Sweetest Thing rocks a boot sock regularly and even put together a great "Boot Sock 101" post that you must check out! She inspired me to create some DIY boot socks on the ultimate budget--$3.50 at Goodwill.

My favorite style boot sock style is neutral and feminine. Like these:

The Lacey Lou-Natural: Open-work Legwarmers with Ivory knit Lace trim & buttons (item no. 3-14)

But they are $34.00...and I just can't spend that kind of money on socks. Especially "socks" that don't even keep my feet warm.

I set off for Goodwill with hopes of finding a sweater that could be made into some DIY boot socks. I scored with a $3.50 find. Here are the details:

Tips: Add lace, buttons, etc. to the top. The sleeves may not be long enough for them to go all the way to your ankles, depending on the height of your boots. Dont' worry, just pull up your boot socks to the height you need because no one will see!

P.S.: You can probably use regular cotton thread if you don't have or can't find elastic thread. You will just need to be really careful when you slip your socks on because cotton thread won't have any stretch in it. If you pull it too much, it will snap and your hem will fall out, which could lead to the fabric raveling.

If you make your own boot socks from a sweater, I'd love to see your pics! Just post a link in the comments.



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