DIY Leopard Print Watch

When I saw this Betsey Johnson inspiration watch, it got stuck in my head. I love that the strap has black and brown in it because that allows it to be worn with almost anything. But I knew I wasn't going to spend $135 on a watch. I've never been a big watch wearer, however with my new job at a school I need to know when the bells are going to ring.

Solution? A trip to Target and less than ten minutes of work from my husband.

Leopard watch
Betsey Johnson Watch at Macy's / Gold Watch at Target / Animal Print Strap at Target

Some other options available at Target. (Ranging from $39.99 to $19.99, but none exactly what I was wanting.)

Here's how the DIY turned out for me:

During                                                 After 


I'm so pleased with how this came out for just $30. The leopard print strap is soft and comfortable. When it wears out I won't worry about spending $9.99 for a new one. I also love the face because it has some bling like the inspiration watch. The only thing that makes the watch a little less than perfect is that the strap buckle is silver. It didn't bother me enough to stop my DIY, but I wanted to pass along that info.


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