Sisterly Love: Old Navy Clearance Shopping

 Yesterday we had a great surprise--my sister and her family came up for an impromptu visit! It was so nice to see them without being rushed. We all enjoyed lunch at 5 Guys (the best burger around!), then Maranda and I shopped while the boys spent the afternoon with the kids at our house. We finished the day with dinner at our favorite local Italian restaurant, Joe's. 

We decided to browse Old Navy even though we both feel like it is very hit or miss, and their hits are often overpriced if not on sale. Yesterday we found several hits...on clearance! I was afraid I wouldn't get enough wear out of these green skinnies to justify purchasing them, but my sister talked me into it. I'm already glad I took her advice.

 Outfit breakdown: Navy blazer from Goodwill ($4), striped navy top from Old Navy ($8.99), green skinnies from Old Navy ($11.99), white bauble necklace from Ebay ($5).

We also spent two solid hours in Ulta. Why is it so fun to look at beauty and hair products? I used to be afraid to try new products because I often felt duped when the product didn't perform and my money was gone. But then I discovered that Ulta and Sephora have fantastic return policies. I now have no fear of buying new products because I know I can return anything that doesn't work after I've tried it at home. 

I got a new volumizing mousse, a two in one base/top coat, and this stunning glittery raspberry nail polish. Zoya is my favorite polish brand, but it doesn't really stay well for my sister. She prefers Essie. I think nail polish is like all other beauty products--it may work great on someone else, but you have to find what works best on you with your chemical makeup. 
Yesterday was lots of fun, and I hope we get to do it again soon. Today was a great service at church and now we are relaxing at home. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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