Target.com Hits & Misses

Has anyone else noticed that Target.com carries great clothes that aren't available in their stores or that have already sold out in local stores? Here are my tips for making the most of online shopping at Target.

Items that don't work can be returned to a local store (usually within 90 days), so that allows me to shop without worrying about complicated returns. They also frequently offer free shipping on orders over $50 (or always with a Red card), so I order $50 worth of merchandise even if I am really only interested in one item. I also order multiple sizes so I can make sure I get the best fit. Again, I will return anything that doesn't work, so there's no reason not to try multiple sizes. Once my order arrives, I try everything on in the comfort of my own home, which I love because I can try it with different accessories, shoes, etc. to really get an idea of how I'll wear it and whether or not it's worth keeping.

Here's a breakdown of the hits and misses from my most recent online order. Everything was on sale, so the prices can't be beat!

First up, some hits that will be perfect for our spring break cruise.
cruise hits
1) Maxi Dress ($8.74): I already own this dress in a jade color and loved wearing it last summer. For the price, I was happy to score it in another color. Runs true to size and almost comes to the floor (I'm 5'7"). Very comfortable--feels like a t-shirt.
2) Striped Swim Top ($6.98): I love this swim top! It's designed like a pushup bra, so if that's what you're looking for, you'll be happy with how this fits. Runs true to size.
3) Swim Bottom ($6.28): Decent coverage for a swim bottom. The sides are more modest than bottoms that tie, and that's what I was wanting. Runs true to size.

I also had some luck with sweaters. These will layer great during the winter but are also light enough to wear alone in fall and spring.
sweater hits
1) Striped Long V-neck Sweater ($17.48): Yes, this is a maternity top. No, I don't have a little one on the way. This top is very soft, ruched on the sides, and is also tunic length. I'm not certain that I'll keep this because the color pallet is so similar to number three, but I'm really liking that I can wear it with leggings and be totally comfortable. I ordered one size down since I'm not pregnant, and it fits great.
2) Black Cardigan ($13.98): Can you believe I don't have a basic black cardigan? I have one that is flowy and comes to a long angled point in the front, but this is a classic piece that I need in my wardrobe. Also soft and runs true to size. 
3) Striped Coral V-neck Sweater ($12.58): I've had my eye on this sweater for over a month. It has all my favorite colors in it, and I was the most excited to receive this item. It is the softest sweater I have ever felt. It can easily be worn without an undershirt and it will not by itchy. The neckline is flattering but not too low. The length will cover the top of your pants, but not your bum. I ordered this in a small and a medium, and I'm going to keep the medium. I want it to fit a little looser and to have some extra room if it shrinks in the wash. 
4) Striped Blue V-neck Sweater ($12.58): Exact same sweater as number three; I'm so glad I ordered it in both colors because this sweater is perfect!

These are the pieces that didn't work for me.
target misses
1) Red Cowl Neck Sweater ($16.08): I really wanted to like this sweater. Unfortunately, the cowl neck did not cooperate. I couldn't get it to lay correctly--every way I tried looked silly. There is just too much fabric. If you want a giant cowl neck (think cowl neck plus a scarf), you'll enjoy this sweater.  It's soft and fits well (I ordered up a size because it's junior's sizing).
2) Pink Cowl Neck Sweater ($16.08): Exact same sweater as number one. A note about this color: it's called "eraser pink," and it is definitely brighter in person. I was hoping for the blush pink that is pictured, but that is not what I received.
3) Green Crossbody Purse ($19.99): This was too small for me. I read the dimensions before ordering, but I wanted to see it in person. I also didn't care for the matte finish. Great color.
4) Green Satchel ($20.98): I love the color and the glossy finish, but the purse I received is slightly misshapen from it's delivery travels, so it just doesn't look as polished as the picture. I don't change purses often, so when I buy a purse I want to really love it.
5) Cherry Sweater Dress ($20.98): This dress did absolutely nothing for me. It clung to all the wrong places, as sweater dresses have a tendency to do, even though I ordered up a size. The knotted bustline also hit me in an odd way. Beautiful color and soft.

I hope my tips and reviews were helpful. I'd love to hear from you about shopping at Target.com and whether you have tried any of these items!


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