The Wardrobe Experiment: Day 10

Teacher in-service continues this week, with returning faculty joining the newbies today! We are still getting great information, I just wish I had a month to process it all. 
Why I kept it:
This dress is beyond comfortable. Hello, pockets! I think it's 4-5 years old, but I still love it. 
Why I stopped wearing it:
As I've said before, I don't wear dresses very often. But this one fits everything I want in a school-appropriate dress. 
How I styled it:
I couldn't wait to wear this cardigan! I got it this weekend at Impressions in Fayetteville. It was my first time to visit their store in person, after much online admiring, and I absolutely loved it! I wear a cardigan in the classroom almost everyday because I'm so cold natured, so this will get a lot of wear. I added my monogram necklace and tassel earrings from Mint Sugar Boutique. 
How I felt:
Perfect work outfit! 
The verdict:
The dress is a keeper. 

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