The Wardrobe Experiment: Day 18

Today was exhausting and rewarding in my classroom. We did a fun team building/communication activity that the students really enjoyed. Teaching is the most tiring activity I've ever done in my life. There is the constant mental struggle of coming up with exciting activities, keeping the classroom running in an orderly fashion, and showing that you care about each student...doing all of that means you hardly ever get to sit down. When I say I'm exhausted, I truly mean I might fall over and not wake up until noon tomorrow (if that was an option).
Why I kept it:
I got this top for my birthday in March, and wore it a few times this spring. I absolutely love this color and polka dots are just fun.
Why I stopped wearing it:
A summer preference for sleeveless tops is my best guess.
How I styled it:
I'm not sure there was any styling today. I did have on a necklace when the day started, but I took it off at school and then left it in my desk. 
How I felt:
I like the clothes, but something extra was missing.
The verdict:
The top stays but I need a better way to style it.

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