The Wardrobe Experiment: Day 9

This is what I wore to church today. The dress code at my school just changed, and no one will be allowed to wear sleeveless shirts. Of course I can always add a cardigan, but I thought I might want to get a little more wear out of my sleeveless shirts on the weekends. 
Why I kept it:
Both the top and white jeans are from an H&M in Budapest. There are 4 H&M's in Budapest...FOUR. And Arkansas can't get one? Anyway, they bring back good memories of living in Hungary last summer.
Why I stopped wearing it:
Not really applicable here, but the top is so loud that I don't wear it extremely often. The bright colors and prints are definitely a trend, but both are still going strong enough for this top to be current a year later. I wear the pants quite a bit.
How I styled it:
I started with a white version of this necklace, but it wasn't right. I was glad I had the gray because it added a good punch.
How I felt:
This is a fun and comfortable outfit. It was a good way to celebrate my one year anniversary (a few days late) of coming back to the United States!
The verdict:

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