The Wardrobe Experiment: Day 7

I wish this was what I wore today. 
This is what I actually wore. I wanted to wear red, our school color, for an introduction video we filmed today, and this is the only one I have that isn't long sleeved or a t-shirt. But once I put on my red top and jeans, I lost the ability to think. Then it was time to leave. And I was stuck wearing this all day. When I got home, I didn't even want to take pictures for day 7. I thought about pretending today's clothes never happened, but then I challenged myself to march back into the closet and find a way to make this a little less boring.
Why I kept it:
I enjoy wearing red, but I don't have as much of it in my closet as I'd like. The color is probably the only reason why I kept this shirt. It's also somewhat slimming.
Why I stopped wearing it:
I'm not a huge fan of the sleeve shape.
How I styled it:
On my second attempt, I started by tucking in the top and adding a belt. I'm not sure when I last tucked in a shirt for a casual outfit, but it's been a while. I tried a different scarf and some necklaces before choosing this scarf. I also switched up the earrings and shoes.
How I felt:
I ended up really liking this outfit after taking some time to style it.
The verdict:
If I find another red top I like, I will probably donate this one. But I'm going to keep it for now because it's a good school spirit shirt.

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