The Wardrobe Experiment: Day 12

I got quite a bit done in my classroom today. I need another week to really feel prepared, but my students are arriving Monday, ready or not! 

Why I kept it:
I got this shirt in December, and it is one I really enjoy wearing. It's a great color with an interesting print. It's also long enough to wear untucked with leggings.
Why I stopped wearing it:
I haven't worn this in a few months because of the heat. I associated it with winter, probably because that's when I bought it, even though nothing about it makes it particularly suited for colder weather. 
How I styled it:
I rolled the sleeves and tucked it in to change it up from how I wore it in the winter. I wish I could have been more creative with my accessories, but nothing felt right except my simple monogram necklace and these earrings.  
How I felt:
I still really enjoy wearing this top and got several compliments on it today--that always makes you feel good!
The verdict:

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