The Wardrobe Experiment: Day 8

I chose this comfortable t-shirt for some running around today. I bought fresh basil at the farmer's market, and I wish I could have snapped some pictures there. But I was by myself, so more pictures in my backyard! Yay. Seriously, y'all, taking pictures of yourself is just weird. And boring. Are all fashion bloggers married to photographers? And do they also have modeling backgrounds? Good thing I'm not trying to be a fashion blogger over here in my yard! Just a girl cleaning out her closet. And that's enough pressure for me.
Why I kept it:
Raise your hand if you're surprised that I kept a comfortable t-shirt that isn't actually a t-shirt. Anyone? Good. And green is my favorite color.
Why I stopped wearing it:
I never totally stopped wearing it, but it's not something I grab as a favorite. This shirt is probably about 3 years old.
How I styled it:
I tucked it in (two days in a row?!) and got to show off this leopard print belt, one of my favorite prints ever. And I love this longer necklace, which I've also had for a few years.
How I felt:
I was comfortable and happy while doing my shopping today. 
The verdict:
I want to keep this shirt, but to be honest it's seen better days. There are small pills all over the fabric, and maybe I should retire it. I'll have to think on this one.

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