The Wardrobe Experiment: Day 22

Sunday fun day! We went to church this morning, spent some time together this afternoon, then I created lesson plans while Zach played another nine holes of golf. I'm so happy that he's taking some time to enjoy fourth year. Hobbies like golf are a luxury that won't exist during residency.
Throwback to Miss Arkansas 2007, which explains my stage hair and makeup, when I first wore this dress. We both look so young!

Why I kept it:
I like black and white, and I like polka dots. I've had this dress for 6 years, there is nothing wrong with it, so I kept it. And it hung in my closet, unworn for years, waiting for "someday."
Why I stopped wearing it:
This dress is somewhere between casual and dressy. It's just dressy enough that people will ask "Why are you dressed up today?" I hate that.
How I styled it:
Minimally. Bracelet and earrings. But I'm wondering how it would look worn as a skirt with a shirt over the top…maybe next time!
How I felt:
Happy and comfortable!
The verdict:
It can hang in my closet a while longer.

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