The Wardrobe Experiment: Day 20

We made it to Friday!! Do you hear the angels singing?! There weren't any big hiccups this week, and I call that a win. I hope my students are enjoying getting to know me as much as I'm enjoying getting to know them. 

Zach had the idea to play nine holes when I got home today, so we spent a couple of hours at a nearby golf course. I like riding in the cart, and I helped him keep up with his stats/score on a fun app.
Why I kept it:
This is another top I hadn't worn before because I was "saving it" for school. I've had it about a month, and I got it on clearance at JCP. 
Why I stopped wearing it:
n/a (I promise I don't have a closet full of clothes I've never worn! I just found a couple of great clearance sales this summer and have been waiting for a better occasion than buying groceries to wear them.)
How I styled it:
Earrings (that you cant' see), my favorite bracelet (the only one I own that I will actually keep on all day), and tucked in (not how I thought I'd wear this top).
How I felt:
Great! A few students even commented that they liked my outfit (and different students wanted to know how it feels to have students that look older than me--I told them I was flattered and that they would all be receiving A's).
The verdict:
Keeping! I think this top was worth $10 (maybe $8? It was a great deal for a 100% silk top).

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