The Wardrobe Experiment: Day 11

It rained most of the day here, but I didn't really take that into account when getting ready this morning. I just felt like wearing these fun colors today! Is anyone craving sherbet yet? 
Why I kept it:
I actually picked up this blouse on clearance at Impressions over the weekend. I knew it was a piece I loved, which is very important if I'm going to add something to my closet during the experiment, and that I would be able to wear it into fall. The green skinnies were an Old Navy clearance find from January. I kept them because of their yummy color.
Why I stopped wearing it:
Not an issue here.
How I styled it:
I have been wanting a long tassel necklace since last fall. The ones I saw in my price range (which is minimal for "play" jewelry) always had something I didn't like about them. But when I saw this beauty at Mint Sugar Boutique, I knew it was the one. I love that you can tie it any way you want. 
The verdict:
Loving all of these pieces! But the necklace may be my absolute favorite.
Photobomb by Crowder. Had to share.

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