The Wardrobe Experiment: Day 26

I never thought I'd make it to day 25, so day 26 is a big accomplishment. Like most days, I had no idea what I would wear today. Today's outfit is one that had never crossed my mind; I just put it on and walked out the door. Considering that, I'm pretty happy with it.
Why I kept it:
This top is (another) JCP clearance deal from July. The real "someday" item here is the jeans. I've had them since at least 2008, and knows when I last wore them--maybe 2010? But they are soft and lightweight, and I knew the moment I donated them that straight/skinny jeans would be out and flares would be in! Well that may not be exactly true, but I have seen several bloggers that I love breaking out their flare jeans recently, and I decided I would give it a try, too.
Why I stopped wearing it:
Pretty obvious answer here...when skinny jeans came out, I was a die hard bootcut lover. I thought skinny jeans were only worn by my emo students. And I thought they made my booty look too big. I just wasn't used to seeing my shape like that. Then I decided that skinny and straight jeans were the only thing I could wear. They suddenly felt so flattering! How does this happen? Anyway, once it did, these favorite jeans were folded up and never given a second thought...unless I was cleaning out my closet, then I remembered my love for them and saved them for "someday," when they would be accepted as cute again.
How I styled it:
I was feeling very autumn inspired today. Earth tones and a scarf with gold accents were just what I needed. ps: I got this scarf for $3 (+ $0.97 shipping) at Wal-Mart. (Lucky for you, it's now just $2 plus shipping.)
How I felt:
I was nervous about wearing these jeans, and Zach wasn't a fan. But I felt comfortable and loved the top/scarf. It was nice to change it up a bit, but I'll probably stick with straight and skinny jeans for a while longer.
The verdict:
I think I'll let these jeans stick around...everything comes back eventually!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this look, Leslie! Your bun is fabulous and you look gorgeous :)



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